Brand new stories, written especially for us this year, are marked *

Change in the Weather by Chrislee
Christmas in New York

Christmas Meeting by Dark Star *
When you need help, who do you turn to?

Christmas Presence by Dark Star
All I want for Christmas...

Doing Time by Ares
When one can exist for eternity, time becomes meaningless.

Dreaming of a White Christmas by Zuriel *
Set a month after IWRY, Angel shows up in Sunnydale on Christmas Eve..

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear by Ares
A girl will go to any lengths to surprise her boyfriend.


Merry Merry Dreaming by Ducks
B/A celebrate Christmas in The Dreaming.

Santa's Sack by Jo *
Sometime in the future. Angel has to do what Angel does best. (Dark)

Snow Angels by Lamia Archer
Love, honor, and obey, and good things happen.

The Boy Who Saw An Angel by Ares *
A boy on the run encounters an angel.

To Hear The Angels Sing by Jo
It's all in the title.

We Three Kings by Jo
If something was meant to be, then someone has to make it happen.

Christmas Warriors 2011

Remember – warriors are not just for Christmas…

Merry Christmas, everyone!

See you at my place next year?


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