Christmas Warriors by Dark Star
Warriors don’t get days off.

Centuries by Ares
Pyramids, sphinxes, and vampires all have something in common.

Cycles Of Life by Jo
Sometimes things don’t go as they were intended.

Dark Side of the Sun by Ares
Buffy is at the beach.

First Snow by Kairos
Angel's still figuring out how to be a normal boyfriend

Cocktail by Ares
A Christmas drink or two.
(With recipes!)


by Kairos

Tips on slaying by Kairos

Remember – warriors are not just for Christmas…


Scribes of Angel has lots of B/A stories, just search for what you want. If you specifically want Christmas B/A… try this: Christmas Buffy/Angel

Writer's Toybox has a special Christmas Box prompt to keep you happy - and busy - over the festive period.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

See you at my place next year?


We have three beautiful animated avatars for you to use. Please credit the artist, Moscow Watcher, and/or Christmas Warriors if you use them. Thanks!